A New Day

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….. He slowly woke up with a fuzzy head regretting the last night drinking with Major Conner at his London Club. He could not remember the end of the end of the evening and the bedroom did not look familiar to him.

He assumed the bedroom had to be in Major Conner’s home as it was well appointed with tasteful but not tacky decoration, a fine iron frame bed made up with the finest white linen sheets and wonderful blankets. The room was full of familiar things including a wash stand, tasteful furnishing and pictures. There were the familiar gas lamps and fire place though they were very modern in style which seamed a little out of place and he hated them.

Outside was the usual noises of the City of London with the sounds of Horse and Carriages and Street Vendors shouting their cries in an effort to sell their wares.

He decided regardless of his head he should get up and greet this new day and find out where he was so he grabbed a Dressing Gown which had thoughtfully been placed on a chair next to his bed and put it on as he got out of bed.

Then he made his way to the window and opened the curtains to view the familiar street scenes of good old London Town.

He was not disappointed but a strange constant humming drew his eyes upwards to the strange sight of a very large Dirigible flying above him …..

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